2013 Budget Authorization

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This motion passed on April 23th, 2013

Tim Saylor


April 18th, 2013 - Introduced

April 23th, 2013 - Passed


The board and area hosts are authorized to spend money from the general fund up to the amounts specified in the budget for the 2013 fiscal year. This authorization is retroactive as of January 1, and it replaces the existing area host budget for 2013.

The board is also authorized to spend money from the general fund for any special projects that are properly approved by a membership vote. They may exercise this power at any time after the original approval, provided that:

  • There are no higher priority projects that have not yet been funded, as determined by member vote,
  • The money in the final estimate to complete the project is available without dropping our savings below 8 x our monthly rent, and
  • There are volunteers committed to completing the project.


Because this wiki is publicly accessible, the budget is not linked here. The budget can be found on the members mailing list, and paper copies will be available before the vote takes place.


Yea: 33 Nay: 0 Present: 1