Acetylene Air Torch Jewelry

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Acetylene Air Torch Jewelry
Smith torch.jpg
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number NE835A
Make/Model Smith Air/Acetylene Handi-Heet Outfit
Arrival Date DATE
Usability yes
Contact [email protected]
Where Small Metals
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $200
Host Area Small Metals

Acetylene Air Torch Jewelry Area: Small Metals


This tool requires prior authorization for use. Contact the area host or one of the other authorized members listed below to arrange an authorization session. Prerequisites: none.


  • If you smell acetylene, shut off the cylinder by turning the handle at the top of the tank clockwise.
  • Don't operate the torch with the regulator set to 15 PSI or higher (the red zone on the left gauge). Acetylene becomes unstable above 15 PSI.
  • Don't tip the acetylene cylinder on its side. If an acetylene cylinder has tipped over or was stored on its side, carefully place the cylinder upright and do not use until the liquid has settled to the bottom. The rule of thumb is not to use the cylinder for as many minutes as the cylinder was on its side, up to 24 hours.
  • Safety glasses are recommended.

Starting the torch.

  1. Install the tip you need on the torch.
  2. Make sure the torch valve is closed (clockwise).
  3. Turn the pressure regulator T-handle counterclockwise until it is loose.
  4. Open the valve at the top of the cylinder 1/4 turn counterclockwise. The right gauge should now be showing the internal pressure of the cylinder, and the left gauge should be at 0 PSI.
  5. Turn the pressure regulator T-handle clockwise until the desired pressure (typically 8-10 PSI) is shown on the left gauge. Don't let the pressure get into the red zone (above 15 PSI).
  6. Open the torch valve a small amount and use a striker to light the torch. Never use a match or cigarette lighter!
  7. Adjust the torch valve to achieve the desired flame size.

Turning off the torch.

  1. Close the torch handle valve (clockwise) to extinguish the flame. Stop here if you'll be using it again soon.
  2. Shut the cylinder valve by turning the handle clockwise.
  3. Open the torch handle valve to purge the hose of acetylene. Both pressure gauges should drop to 0.
  4. Close the torch handle valve.
  5. Turn the regulator T-handle counterclockwise until it is loose.


  1. If the right gauge is near 50-60 PSI (red numbers), send a message to [email protected] and the #small-metals Slack channel that the tank needs to be replaced.
  2. If the right gauge is at or below 50 PSI: DO NOT USE the acetylene. Immediately shut down the tank and notify [email protected] and the #small-metals Slack channel that the tank needs to be replaced.
  3. For reference, note that a full tank of acetylene will have internal pressure (right gauge, red numbers) near 250 PSI.


Video of setup and operation:


List of Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Aushra Abouzeid Danger Committee
Jennie P. Danger Committee
Spencer Simms Dean Anderson
Matt Keith Aushra Abouzeid
Josip F. Aushra A.
Mendel Bakaleynik Aushra Abouzeid
Stephanie Pelzer Aushra Abouzeid
Aaron Carlock Aushra Abouzeid
Kirsten Landmark Masih Aushra Abouzeid
Abel Greenwald Aushra Abouzeid
Earl Wood Aushra Abouzeid
McTavish McArdle Aushra Abouzeid
Ryan Pierce Aushra Abouzeid