Angle Grinder (4.5in)

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Angle Grinder (4.5in)
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number TBD
Make/Model Bosch Angle Grinder (model: ???)
Arrival Date 4-24-2011
Usability yes
Contact Hot Metals Area Host
Where Hot Metals
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $20
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Angle Grinders are powerful electric motors mounted to a 90deg gearbox. This allows the working tool to be easily manipulated and applied to the work. They typically have a 5/8" arbor, on which you mount cutoff wheels, small grinding wheels, wire wheels, sanding disks, and various other spinny type things.

Safe Operation

To avoid accidents, the following operational safety rules must be observed by everyone working on the Pumping Station: One (PS:One) angle grinder. Failure to follow the safety rules may result in a loss of shop privileges.

Start With A Risk Assessment To Ensure A Safe Work Area:

1. Angle grinders typically throw sparks when cutting metal. Make sure that there's nothing flammable in the direction sparks will fly. This includes your clothing.
2. Make sure your work is properly secured. The workpiece should be in a vice, or heavy enough that it won't move without your intending for it to move. The angle grinder has approximately 2/3 of a horsepower coming from it, so it can, and will, make things move.

Instructions and rules for using the grinder:

1. Keep both hands on the grinder. It has two handles for a reason.
2. Do not remove the safety guard. It can be rotated, but it should not be removed unless a buffing pad is being used.
3. Do not set the grinder down with the wheel down. If it accidentally gets turned on, it will run away, or worse, run towards you.
4. Wait until the wheel has stopped spinning before you set the grinder down.
5. Eye protection is a must. Most operations with an angle grinder generate high-velocity particles. Especially when using abrasive cutoff disks, full face masks are not overkill. Dust masks, or better, respirators are highly recommended.

Maintnance and replacement of parts

Always return the grinder to its box.
Spare parts and wheels are stored in the box with the grinder.

Replacing a wheel on the grinder:
1. unplug the grinder
2. depress the spindle locking button on the grey section of the grinder
3. use spanner wrench to loosen the retaining nut
4. remove and replace accessory disk. (some disks don't use the nut, such as wire wheels.)

Other resources
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List of Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By Date Trained
Greg Teiber Owner, several years experience
Aaron Diddier Greg Teiber
Karol Slowikowski David Koppel
Eric Yu Ron Olson
David Srebro Ron Olson
Glenn Powers Ron Olson
Jeff Lawson Ron Olson
James Villalpando Ron Olson
Hunter Koerner Ron Olson
Raj Perera Ron Olson
Erik Wessing Ron Olson
Sam Paris Todd Allen
Niko Hawley Ron Olson
Aaron Carlock Ron Olson
Mike Forkan Ron Olson
Greg Kudlacz Ron Olson
Daniel Maziarz Ron Olson
Jim Baker Ron Olson
Brandon Love Michael Patton 1/27/16
Carlos Garcia Michael Patton ?/?/16
Ian Monroe Michael Patton 6/29/16
Joe Iklov Michael Patton 6/29/16
McTavish McArdle Michael Patton 2016-07-10
Eugene Liokumovich Michael Patton 9/10/2016
Sam Olendorf Michael Patton 9/10/2016
Matthew Quigley Michael Patton
Brian Cuocci Michael Patton 10/5/16
Chris Iacullo Daron Wooding 11/26/16
Abel Greenwald Michael Patton
Clarence Bartenhagen Chris Iacullo 5/5/17
Andrew Vaughan Chris Iacullo May 11, 2017
Andrew Wingate Chris Iacullo 7/6/17
Arjun Sharma Chris Iacullo 7/28/17
Kari Danek Chris Iacullo 1/25/18
Bruce Levin Chris Iacullo 8/16/2018
Aaron Hale Chris Iacullo 8/16/2018
Will Spears Chris Iacullo 9/12/18
Ryan Pierce Chris Iacullo 9/12/18
Mike Ice Ron Olson 9/22/18
Jim Lund Daron Wooding 12/01/18