Beer Church Treasure Fridge

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Beer Church Treasure Fridge
Beer Church Treasure Fridge.jpg
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number N/A
Make/Model N/A
Arrival Date 9/2012
Usability yes
Contact Eric Stein
Where Beer Church
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $50
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This is where we store the bottled beer made by Beer Church. We don't bottle much; just enough so that the few who spend their whole day on brew day helping out can get a reward of a bottle or two, and so that we can save bottles of our past glories for official Beer Church events.

You'd be a giant asshole to just drink beers out of this fridge. They're worth more to us than you want to just take. Weeks or even months of of on and off effort and thought go into a brew, and at least 10 man hours into the brewing. Hit up the Bar for free beer, and do not violate this inner sanctum of our treasured flavors by breaking in like moths and rust.