Board Meeting Notes 2011-02-15

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Old Business

  1. Lease is all set! Extra room will be cleared by mid march.
  2. 501c3 it is official!
  3. Element 14 expanded proposal. There is interest in projects.
  4. Announcement list (on hold)
  5. PR Director (on hold)

New Business

  1. Financial Transparency. Google doc with member totals, income, expenses, YTD totals, and projections avail on website.
  2. Removal of officers is redundant
  3. Kraft. Negotiation powers need to be handled by multiple members. A class teaching members how to deal with large companies.
  4. Empower board to spend money. Tim and Ish both have proposals. Expand spending to $500 a year. Collaboration between the two will happen
  5. Forum. Rhys wants a test server to host a forum. Open Atrium has been proposed. Used in conjunction with the announcement list.