Board Meeting Notes 2011-03-08

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 7:00


  • Nathan is absent

Old Business

  1. THOTCON / April 15th anniversary party
  2. Instructables. Memberships left 5
  3. Workshop build out. Its cool, things need to migrate
  4. Fluke Testing: Sean, Sacha, and Patrick
  5. Classes at the space/rewards for teachers? Benefits for teachers. $20 off per month per class.
  6. Financial/membership report

New Business

  1. Element 14: Loved the video. It's posted. Wants project proposals for March (alternative/renewable/green energy)
  2. 2011 PPPRS Kansas city is holding a race. Milwaukee an April preseason race. Finals in Detroit. 36 volts not 24.
  3. Soap Making class March 17th.
  4. Sticker exchange
  5. Sticker purchase (1000 for $145 + a bit for shipping) and Business cards
  6. Quorum rule changes. Remove non active members from the quorum rule.
  7. Esperanto presentation. April 27th
  8. Global hackerspace challenge. Educational application in the class room.
  9. Proposal for general business cards
  10. Anne is open for experimentation.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45