Board Meeting Notes 2011-03-22

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 7:02 pm


Old Business

  1. THOTCON / April 15th anniversary party by Tim
  2. Instructables. Memberships left: 7!
  3. Workshop build out on hold
  4. Financial/membership report member count is 59 Members 17 Starving 42 Full.
  5. Element 14: Project Shawn needs help with video editing.
  6. Soap Making class new date March 24th at 6pm and the class is full.
  7. Global hackerspace challenge update. Biosensor array for DIY biology. Application was approved. Research has started. Conference call tomorrow with all the hackerspaces. Contact Avner for more info.
  8. April 9th Blinkies class.
  9. Milwaukee Makerspace grand opening and mini-maker fair Saturday April 9 noon - 10pm
  10. Potluck next week! "Bring in da noise. Bring in da noms."

New Business

  1. MSI Fab lab meeting.
  2. Teaching rewards system. Vote tonight.
  3. Quorum rule changes. Vote tonight.
  4. The Board is Greedy.
  5. Insurance renew is coming Ish will review our current policy for needed changes. Will get competing quotes. Expenditure will be voted on.

Meeting adjourned at 7:29

  • $814.01 left in the board budget