Board Meeting Notes 2011-04-05

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 7:00pm



  1. Workshop build out April, 9th Nate plans to finish it for the 15th. Build tables and mount tools are the priority. Additional power and ventilation are secondary. Reimbursements for materials will happen after the fact.
  2. Element 14 Project Status? Sacha. Transmissometer. Aaron can tape and edit video. Sacha also needs co working space for $100 a month
  3. Financial/membership report member count is 62 Members 25 Starving 37 Full.
  4. Mitch Altman April 7th. Thursday. Prep work needed? Who can be there early?
  5. Milwaukee Makerspace grand opening and mini-maker fair Saturday April 9 noon - 10pm possible car pooling. Powerwheels race. PS1 has entry. "Micro CHiP" Lindsay is driving.
  6. PS1 aniversary party needs help planning. Business cards stamped with info. Rhys is taking care of party supplies.
  7. Clarify "pay what you want" language on site.
  8. Classroom furniture/equipment acquired Cost of rental
    1. Cost of Truck rental to haul gear is $105.88, Vote to request reimbursement passed unanimously.
  9. Announce list? Should Anne JFDI and quit harping about it? Board votes yes.
  10. Can someone blog the Daft Punk helmet video?
  11. meeting agendas - Nathan

Old Business

  1. Workshop build out. April 9th at 10am.
  2. April 9th Blinkies class @5pm. Teachers will be here at 4 so they can set up.
  3. Hackathon for Thotcon? April 9th at 9pm to 2am. Rhys?
  4. Element 14: Great job Shawn: kudos on Make!
  5. Global hackerspace challenge update. Avner
  6. Insurance policy review and renewal. Ish.
  7. Maker Faire space federation. Inquire with Tim.
  8. Fab Lab update: tour May 7, 1 pm? Need confirmation.
  9. 501c3: what next? Got in touch with TSF, will talk this weekend.
  10. Reminder: Anne out approximately April 15-25.

New Business

  1. Discussion of Monthy Hackerspace call-in.
  2. Workshop or community? Which comes first?

Meeting adjourned at 7:49

  • $814.01 left in the board budget