Board Meeting Notes 2011-08-02

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 7:03pm


  • Financial/membership report member count is 85 Members 32 Starving 52 Full.

Old Business

  • Element 14 video status: Nathan. He edited one and its up and one is in the works.
  • Power upgrade progress. Todd
  • Projector status. Replacement is needed. The old one is truly dead.
  • Laser class postings and training. The video link will be up. Password to computer needs to be blown out.
  • Power Racing series report.

New Business

  • Jen and Dan - Pwnsauce, pentesting, and credibility.
  • Discussion for people using the tools of the space under supervision of someone who is certified. for non members and minors.
  • Insurance age? (Ish?)
  • CTO Board or area
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Ryan loves everyone

Meeting adjourned at 7:

  • $593.30 left in the board budget