Board Meeting Notes 2011-09-13

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 7:01pm


  • Financial/membership report member count 36 starving 55 full members, 91 total

Old Business

  • Element 14 video status: September! Robotics or MEMS/Sensing
  • Power upgrade progress. Power not yet connected!!!! Waiting on Steve!!!!!!WTF!!!
  • Antenna update +needs plans. cant hit power lines.
  • Rack Space and James Carlson discussion tabled till October
  • How awesome is Patrick? Still Very Much

New Business

  • Jeff - visit by Citizen Scientist program Sept 21 at 5:30
  • Man-B-Que?
  • pen testing update. Reports were sent to tim, and ryan.
  • Sign/banner
  • Round of Applause for Anne
  • Jeff- Head grad program for IIT is and Argon coming for a tour. Wants to get engineers involved with the space.
  • Vote for the proposal for the staff member. Board consensus is that we suck.
  • Feed back from area hosts.

Meeting adjourned at 8:01pm

  • $593.30 left in the board budget