Board Meeting Notes 2011-10-11

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 7:00


  • Financial/membership report

Old Business

  • post position?
  • Element 14 video status: Medical for October. Bio sensor Ish (*Email coming)
  • Hey, Steve!
    • Shop leak
    • Office
    • Shop power
  • whiteboard (Tim)
  • Proposal to spend money on upgrading the welder, modified.

New Business

  • Society of Women Engineers attending Oct 14-15.
  • 2011 Goals revisited
    • Transparency of membership: a temporary solution is being developed to help improve the transparancy of our membership to other members without giving out to much info durinng scenarios when it is difficult to verify a member who enters the space: "unsure if a member is a member but needs certification/keys/etc
  • Maker Faire (Discussion with Northwestern PM students)

Meeting adjourned at 7:45

  • $455.64 left in the board budget