Central Machinery Pipe Notcher

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Central Machinery Pipe Notcher
Pipe notcher.jpg
Owner/Loaner Tom Judge
Make/Model Central Machinery Pipe Notcher
Arrival Date 5/9/2015
Usability yes
Contact Hot Metals Area Host
Where Removed
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $80
Host Area Tool Cage

Central Machinery Pipe Notcher Tom Judge Area: Tool Cage https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/wiki/Central_Machinery_Pipe_Notcher


Using this tool requires fixing it to the drill press, as such certification is required to make sure that it is attached correctly and safely for both the user and the drill press. See Area Host.

Usage Notes

  • Before using the tool make sure that the shaft and bearings are well oiled
  • You may need to shim the pipe/tube in the clamp to get it to line up correctly with the saw
  • There is a set of hole saws for this tool only, they can be used with wood, metal (aluminium and mild steel only) and plastic
  • The notches are not perfect but they are good enough for a small welding project I was working on
  • After setting up the pipe/tube and saw adjust the guide block down so that it is as low as possible without touching the workpiece, you may want to use the press slide lock to help get it correctly positioned
  • Always return the tool to the 90 degree cutting position after use
  • Make sure to use plenty of cutting fluid when cutting metal
  • After using the tool return the saw to the box, do not leave it in the tool
  • After using the tool clean off any excess oil from the shaft