Deckel KF2 Universal Copy Mill

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Deckel KF2 Universal Copy Mill
Deckel KF2 Drawing.jpg
Owner/Loaner Tucker Tomlinson
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Make/Model Deckel KF2 Universal Copy Mill
Arrival Date Mar:2017
Usability yes
Contact Owner (Tucker Tomlinson)
Where Removed
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value ~$6000
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Deckel KF2 Universal Copy Mill Tucker Tomlinson Area: {{{hostarea}}}


The Deckel KF2 is a machine designed to allow the user to perform 2 different basic tasks. The first task is heavy duty engraving. The machine will accept flat templates and allow you to copy the patterns from those templates onto a workpiece. The machine will scale down the pattern, producing ratios anywhere from 1.5:1 to 4:1. The other task the machine can perform is to use an existing part to make copies at a reduced scale. This allows users to make a template part out of softer materials like wood or plastic, and copy the part into metals including Brass Aluminum, and (with some extra work) steel. While the machine is capible of cutting wood, Sawdust can be damaging to machine tools and is prohibited on this machine

Tool Dangers

  • rotating cutter: The Deckel KF2 Universal Copy Mill moves an exposed rotating cutter across the workpice.
    • If the cutter contacts flesh it will cut through you easily.
    • If the cutter contacts clothing or hair, it can wind the material in, pulling you into contact with the cutter.
  • flying metal: The Deckel KF2 Universal Copy Mill uses spinning cutters to remove material from a workpiece.
    • The cutter may fling metal chips away from the machine at high speed.
    • The cutters may shatter sending shards flying.
  • sharp edges: The Deckel KF2 Universal Copy Mill can leave sharp edges on the workpiece.
    • These edges may cut you if care is not taken to avoid them

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Required PPE
    • safety glasses: protect against airborn metal fragments that may be ejected from the tools
    • closed toed shoes
  • Recommended PPE
    • Long pants, sleeves. Sleeves should be close fitting to avoid catching in the machine.
    • Hair ties if you have long hair

Prohibited Operations

  • using cutters >1/4in diameter
  • painting on the machine


This tool requires authorization for use

Deckel KF2 Universal Copy Mill training document: File:DeckelKF2UniversalCopyMill.pdf

Tucker Tomlinson performs all authorizations on this machine. Contact him at tuckertomlinson at gmail dot com to arrange an authorization. Authorizations fall into two tiers: engraving use, and copy-mill use. The engraving authorization covers how to use the machine to use templates to copy text and patterns onto flat workpieces like brass plaques. The copy mill authorization covers how to use the machine to make scale duplicates of a master part.


Tucker Tomlinson


  • There isn't much available online for these machines. Check the service manual for basic instructions

Available Equipment

  • Enco 6" vise
  • Spindle Lock Plate
  • Pattern Forming Attachment (missing vertical linkage arm)
  • fine feed handle adapters
  • finishing spindle

Repair and Maintenance

Please see the service manual. (Still needs to be scanned and uploaded)


maintenance page

Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By Proctored By
Tucker Tomlinson Danger Committee