Evolution RAGE Saw

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Evolution RAGE Saw
Owner/Loaner Dan Meyer
Make/Model Rage 2
Arrival Date 2012
Usability no
Contact Dan Meyer
Where Removed
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $250
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Evolution RAGE Saw Dan Meyer Area: {{{hostarea}}} https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/wiki/Evolution_RAGE_Saw


This saw can cut many common fabrication materials. The problem with this is there is a tendency to think it can cut anything economically. This is NOT true.

The stock multipurpose blade is awesome, according to specifications the multipurpose blade can cut:
Mild Steel
Wood and Wood with nails (if you cut wood please clean up the saw dust, it's a serious fire hazard in the "hot work" area of the shop)
Some Plastics

The multipurpose blade should not be used to cut:
Hardened Steel (use a abrasive cut off wheel for any steel harder than mild steel, cut off wheels are a much more economical for cutting hard steel than damaging the $70.00 multipurpose blade)
Masonry and tile products (requires optional diamond blade)

List of Currently Certified Users

This tool requires certification for use.

Qualified Member Trained By
Dan Meyer Dan Meyer
Shawn Blaszak Dan Meyer
Jordan Bunker Dan Meyer
Steve Finkelman Dan Meyer
Mike Warot 'twas during the move...
Larry Thorpe Mike Warot
Rosanna Lloyd Dan Meyer
Colin Parsons Dan Meyer
Tucker Tomlinson Dan Meyer
Ryan Pierce Dan Meyer
Jessica Cobb Dan Meyer
Charlie Stauffer Dan Meyer
Michael Skilton Dan Meyer
Sacha De'Angeli Michael Skilton
William Ching Dan Meyer
Brian Sheppard Dan Meyer
Kevin Caughlin Dan Meyer
Justin Bozarth Dan Meyer
Justin Miles Dan Meyer
Barmey Ung Mike Warot
David Koppel Adrianna McKinley
Todd Allen Tom Judge
Nick Naro Todd Allen
John Farmer Todd Allen
Jay Pee Todd Allen
Sam Paris Todd Allen
Jake Rush Todd Allen
Carolyn Ignacio Todd Allen
Andrew Sowa Todd Allen
Hilary Lee Todd Allen
Dan Baltudis Todd Allen
David Srebro Todd Allen
Abel Greenwald Todd Allen

This tool may require training to be used correctly.

Training Resources

Evolution Rage 2 14" (355mm) TCT Multipurpose Cut Off Saw