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Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number N/A
Make/Model Deulux 2 Burner Knife Makers Forge
Arrival Date Yes
Usability yes
Contact Ron Olson
Where Hot Metals Area
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $375
Host Area Hot Metals

Forge Area: Hot Metals

Gas Cost Contribution

If you use the shop tank you are required to pay for your gas, gas is priced at $5/hour of forge use. This may change in the future after we research the cost effectiveness of a larger tank.

How to get authorized

Authorization process will be a spot test on the contents of this page of the wiki and demonstrating that you can safely light the forge.

Lighting the forge


To light the forge:

  1. Set the sign above the forge to HOT
  2. Open the rear door of the space if it is not already open!
  3. Make sure the burner valves are completely closed!!
  4. Turn on the valve for the propane tank
  5. Adjust the pressure regulator on the tank to 10PSI. - If the pressure is too high you will have to open a burner valve slightly to let some pressure out.
  6. Place a lit piece of paper into the forge
  7. Making sure the paper is still alight, slightly open the valve for the front burner and allow the forge to light
    • If the burner does not light within a few seconds turn off the valve and reposition the paper
    • If the burner still does not light, check the valve on the propane tank is open far enough
    • If the burner does not light after a second attempt DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LIGHT IT AGAIN contact the area host for instructions on how to proceed.
  8. Once the burner is lit adjust the valve until there is a constant feathered flame. The burners use the venturi effect for the air/fuel mixture.
    • If you are unable to get a constant flame do not use the forge and contact the area host for further instructions
  9. If you require the second burner open the valve for the rear burner 1/8th of a turn and allow it to light
  10. Adjust the valve to get a constant flame as you did for the first

Important Information Regarding the Forge

  1. Carbon Steel ONLY! No other material can be placed in the forge.
  2. NO galvanized, painted, or otherwise coated steel in the forge.
  3. Do NOT poke the sides or back of the forge with your piece. The back hole is slightly higher than the bottom firebrick - please gently place your piece in and then rest it down on the bottom of the forge.
  4. Make sure the fuel line is NEVER touching the side of the forge.
  5. If the torch is sputtering there is something wrong. Try to give it a little more air and more fuel. If that doesn't work, you might be low on fuel. If it continues sputtering turn it off and alert the Area Host.
  6. Always assume the forge, any nearby tools, and the surrounding area is hot.

Forge Welding/Flux Use

If you are going to use flux for any reason you MUST line the interior of the forge with non glazed floor tiles to protect the liner of the forge. Anyone caught not using the correct liner will have their certification revoked from the forge.

Helpful Hints

  • Directly under the burner is the hottest place in the forge - if you want something heated fast, place it there.
  • Your steel will be as hot as it can be when it nearly matches the color of the forge around it.
  • Try not to leave tools next to the forge when it is on - they will get very hot.
  • Keep your tools cool by quenching often.
  • If you have a question or something seems off - contact the area host.
  • If you plan on using the forge for a large project you should provide your own tank
  • If the tank is less than half full it may freeze during use, if this happens shutdown the forge and allow the tank to warm back up before you light the forge again.
  • If the liner of the forge has a crack large enough for gas to enter, stop using the forge let the area host know.
  • If you encounter an issue with the forge that requires contacting the area host you must place an out of service sign on the forge including why.