Formlabs Form 3 SLA Printer

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Formlabs Form 3 SLA Printer
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Make/Model Form 3
Usability yes
Contact [email protected]
Where 3D Printer Lab
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $4,000
Host Area SLA 3D Printer

Formlabs Form 3 SLA Printer Area: SLA 3D Printer


The 4th and 5th iteration of Formlab's SLA printers. Released for use by artists, designers, and professional 3D printers. The Form 3 offers a larger print area than the Form 2 and an improved optics engine.

Members may have a part run at the cost of the resin without needing to be authorized.

You can send an STL file for automatic supports to books via slack or email - automatic settings are used to produce your part. Someone will be in contact with you to confirm material and collect payment.

You can also prepare files yourself using the Formlabs Preform software. There is a Discourse thread discussing how to do so in great detail:


Authorization is currently restricted, though authorization is not required to print through the paid parts program.


Danger Committee

Sky Nova
Kathryn Born
Paul Ocampo

Additional Resources & Support

Contact [email protected] for authorization and questions, or send a message in #sla-printing on Slack or post a question in the Form 3 SLA category under CNC in Discourse.

You can also check some fantastic documentation Formlabs have set up on their website here:

Authorized People

Danger Committee

Sky Nova
Kathryn Born
Paul Ocampo
Andrew Camardella
Mike Thompson
Ray Doeksen
Aushra A
Brian Barnt
Ryan Pierce
Victor Mateevitsi
Brian Adamson