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File:PS1 Group Geek Prom.jpg
Members of Pumping Station: One pose for a group picture. Top Row from left to right: Jeanette Thraen, Jeff Kantarek, Paul Mantz, Nicolle Neulist, Eric Michaud, Sacha De'Angeli, Michael McCune. Middle Row: Teddie Goldenberg, Tim Saylor, John Stoner, Avner Shanan, Jasna Delic, Jordan Bunker, Zach Schneider. Bottom Row: Dan Krol, John Albert, Eliza

On June 13, 2009 Pumping Station: One held its grand opening ceremony at Co-Prosperity Sphere aptly named "Geek Prom". Attendees included PS:One members, visitors from CCCKC, American Science and Surplus, locals interested in a lesson in improper dancing and more. The event itself included musical performances by GAZEBO! vs. One Punch, Liz Revision, Thin Man, and one other DJ whose name I can't think of. Other entertainment on exhibit was a science fair competition, an up-to-the-minute photo booth and Graffiti Reasearch Labs' Laser Tag 2.0.

Science Fair

Nicolle Neulist won a mystery box from American Science & Surplus for her winning entry in the science fair, 8-bit Music Composition on a Commodore 128.

Other entrants include:

  • Wallflower discouragement kit - Jestin Stoffel
  • Boogiepants - John Stoner
  • RepRap - Sacha De'Angeli & John Stoner
  • God Helmet
  • Roomba Tree - Nat
  • Sake Brewing - John Albert

Best Dressed Couple

Nat won with his great kilt along with 2 others.

File:Geek Prom best dressed.jpg€Ž
Best Dressed 'Couple' Winners


In the Media

Prior to the event, Eric Michaud was interviewed by Karl Klockars of Chicagoist about Geek Prom and Hackerspaces. [1]