Gingery Plastic Injection Machine

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Gingery Plastic Injection Machine
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Arrival Date Feb 2017
Usability yes
Contact none currently
Where Removed
Authorization Needed no
Hackable no
Estimated Value $100
Host Area CNC

Gingery Plastic Injection Machine Area: CNC

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Obviously the heating unit and everything that is attached to the heating unit can get quite hot be careful.

You may want to use a leather glove and pliers while working near the heating unit.

The control unit has a Mypin controller with two switches and a light. The left switch powers the controller. The controller must be on to enable the heating unit. The right switch and the controller power the heating unit. The right switch must be on (up) and the controller will turn on the heating unit until the SV temp is reached.


The heating unit cylinder is 1/2" by about 3 1/2", full it will hold about .7 cu in of material.

Below the nozzle the machine has about 4" of room for the mold.

The current nozzle has a taper of 60 degrees so the mold port should have the same taper. The hole in the nozzle is 1/8".

The nozzle is 5/8 11 thread if you want to make your own nozzle.

The heating unit is 300w.

Mypin Temp Controller

The temperature controller displays the current temperature of the heating element (PV) and the set value (SV). Both values are displayed in F. OUT1 = heating control, if lit the heating element is on. AL = alarm1, currently set to 400 degrees F.

To change the SV, Press the </AT key to select the digit you want to modify. Press ^ or v to modify digit. Press SET to confirm.