Grizzly Mini Metal Lathe (7in x 12in) maintenance

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The Grizzly Lathe should be lubricated daily, or at least as often as it is used. Please refer to the [manual] for the correct lubrication instructions. While users are expected to perform basic cleanup and lubrication on a per-use basis, PS1 should, on a monthly basis perform the following maintenance operations:

  • clean
  • oil ways
  • lubricate gear mechanism according to manual's lubrication instructions
  • adjust gibs

  • Per Jason Shanfield, Oct 17 2017
    • NEED:
      • clean scrolls on 3 and 4 jaw chucks, correct jaw order on 3 jaw chuck, inspect/clean nylon autofeed gears, correct gear alignment, regrease gears, clean lead screw with brass brush
      • inspect autofeed transmission in gearbox
      • several cross slide gibs are loose in both dimensions
      • inspect spindle nose for runout

Grizzly lathe maintenance log table

Lubricate lathe per user manual clean/oil ways adjust gibs notes/other maintenance date completed person completing
monthly monthly monthly
x x Aug3 2017 tucker/Miriam
x x sept 7 2017 tucker/Miriam
x x oct5 2017 tucker
noise in transmission/slippage - corrected belt tension by rehanging motor - main and spare belts are in good shape October 17, 2017 Jason
Drive belt tension failed. In rehanging motor, mounting hole stripped threads. Removed motor, and dismantled. Drilled and tapped housing 180deg from factory holes. Reassembled and rehung motor. Spindle runout is OK (checked by use, not with indicator) October 25, 2017 Tucker
X X X gibs loosening, but should be OK for now. Will need adjusting next month if the lathe sees any use Nov 9, 2017 Tucker
X X X Jan 11, 2018 Tucker/Zlatan
X X X Apr 5, 2018 Tucker/Daniel
X X X May 1, 2018 Tucker/McTavish