Grizzly Mini Metal Lathe (7in x 12in)

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Grizzly Mini Metal Lathe (7in x 12in)
Griz lathe.JPG
Owner/Loaner PS1
Serial Number M0100128
Make/Model Mini Metal Lathe G8688 7" x 12"
Arrival Date January 2011
Usability yes
Contact Host Cold Metals
Where Cold Metals
Authorization Needed Tier 1
Hackable no
Estimated Value $525.00
Host Area Cold Metals

Grizzly Mini Metal Lathe (7in x 12in) PS1 Area: Cold Metals


NOTE: if you change the fuse on this machine use a regular fuse (not slow blow) if you use a slow blow fuse the relay will burn

Fuse part no: 204V2 P8688204V2FUSE 4A V2.06.07 from Grizzly

grizzly lathe maintenance page


List of Currently Authorized Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Dan Meyer Prairie State College: A.A.S. Manufacturing Technology 1993, 20 years on the job
Tim Saylor Dan Meyer
Chris Jansen Dan Meyer
Daniel LiVolsi Dan Meyer
Aaron Didier Dan Meyer
Greg Teiber Dan Meyer
Geoffrey Topham Dan Meyer
Dan Locks Dan Meyer
Steve Finkelman Dan Meyer
Zlatan Klebic Dan Meyer
Jordan Bunker In Training, Level 1
Christopher Fanning In Training, Level 1
Tony Johnson In Training, Level 1
Brock Anderson In Training, Level 1
Tom Fors In Training, Level 1
Shawn Blaszak In Training - Level 1
Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin 3 years on the job
Tucker Tomlinson Tim Saylor
Matt Triano Mike Warot
Daylan Dufelmeier Matt Triano
Ben Bogler Matt Triano
Everett Wilson Mike Warot
Nick Castillo Mike Warot
Todd Allen Mike Warot
Josh Cooper Todd Allen
Touly Phiachantharath Todd Allen
George Shaw Todd Allen
Jabu Dawdu Todd Allen
Ron Bean Todd Allen
Tyler Natoli Todd Allen
Luis Colmenares Jim Brink
McTavish McArdle Jim Brink
Daniel Martinez Olivas Jim Brink
Dave DesRoberts Jim Brink

This tool may require training to be used correctly.

Training Resources

MIT Machine Shop - Lathe 1 MIT Machine Shop - Lathe 2
MIT Machine Shop - Lathe 3
Lathe Manual
Machine Tool Technology by Victor Repp and Williard McCarthy 1984 ISBN 0-02-671570-8
Machine Shop Operations and Setups by Lascoe, Nelson, Porter 1973 ISBN 978-0-8269-1842-0
Results of tightening our gibs
south bend lathe library
Mini Lathe Tuning and Tips

Suggested Personal Tooling

Item Description Supplier Cost
3367A122 Single-Point Carbide-Tipped Tool Bit Right Hand, Grade C-2, 5/16" SQ X 2-1/4" L, Style AR-5 McMaster-Carr $4.24
3367A132 Single-Point Carbide-Tipped Tool Bit Left Hand, Grade C-2, 5/16" SQ X 2-1/4" L, Style AL-5 McMaster-Carr $4.24
3367A232 Single-Point Carbide-Tipped Tool Bit NON-Handed, Grade C-2, 5/16" SQ X 2-1/4" L, Style C-5 McMaster-Carr $4.33
3367A252 Single-Point Carbide-Tipped Tool Bit NON-Handed, Grade C-2, 5/16" SQ X 2-1/4" L, Style D-5 McMaster-Carr $4.03
3367A272 Single-Point Carbide-Tipped Tool Bit NON-Handed, Grade C-2, 5/16" SQ X 2-1/4" L, Style E-5 McMaster-Carr $4.03
Subtotal of McMaster-Carr items Subtotal $20.87
H5930 4 pc. Center Drill Set 60° Grizzly $5.25
H3022 Magnetic Base, Dial Indicator, Caliper Combo pk. Grizzly $34.95
Subtotal of Grizzly items Subtotal $40.20
Total of all items above Total $61.07
Kindly Donated Items
G5686 Live Center - MT2 Grizzly $25.25
H8260 1/2" x MT2 Keyless Chuck with Integral Shank Grizzly $61.25
H0982 Brass Hammer, 8 oz. Grizzly $12.75
G9623 Magnetic Base w/ Indicator - 1" Travel Grizzly $18.25
Optional or Advanced Items
H5690 8 pc. Ground HSS Tool Bit Set 5/16" Grizzly $60.57
H6201 High Precision Drill Chuck 3/8" x JT2 Grizzly $19.95
H1166 Drill Chuck Arbor - MT2/JT2 Grizzly $16.95