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The Hackathon is an all-night event for the express purpose of providing a set time for people to work on their software projects. We want to create an atmosphere that helps people finish off those late-night projects that linger in the depths of your code repository.


Well, you like coding, right? So do we. We want to get people together to code. and get hopped up on caffiene. For 16 hours straight.


Pumping Station: One. We have tables and outlets that you can use to your heart's content. Laptop and computer resources not included.


Anyone who wants to, really. There will be people with all sorts of backgrounds at all levels, to collaborate and bounce ideas off of. They may bite if they're in the middle of debugging something nasty, though.


The third and fourth Saturday of every month. We have an official time of 8pm Saturday til 12pm Sunday. People are welcome to show up at any time before, after, or during the event, for however they'd like.


If you have a project that you'll be working on at the Hackathon, please list it here, or feel free to describe it on the discussion page.