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Pumping Station: One has an IRC channel on

channel: #pumpingstationone

The channel's useful for talking to members and parts of our outlying non-member community. If you have a problem or questions, voiced (people with a + symbol) users should be able to help you.

Matrix is another chat technology. Its IRC integration is pretty nice, but #pumpingstationone is not quite one click away, yet.

Easy way:

If you don't want to rely on that companies SaaS, pick another or host your own server. you can host it as PS1 if you want. it is fun.

Some other options:

Of those options, Element is popular. Works well on both desktop and phones. We use it to send cat pictures pretty often ;)

FluffyChat is my new favorite:

The first time you run a client it will walk you though account creation if you don't have one. For instance:

* Start element web
* try element 
* open in your browser 
* create account

Once you sign yourself up for an account, then #pumpingstationone is one click away and you can waste time with us.


   /join #pumpingstationone