Jet 30Ton Press

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Jet 30Ton Press
Owner/Loaner Tucker Tomlinson
Serial Number {{{serial}}}
Arrival Date May 2017
Usability no
Contact Owner: (Tucker Tomlinson)
Where removed
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value ~$1000
Host Area Removed Equipment

Jet 30Ton Press Tucker Tomlinson Area: Removed Equipment


The Jet press is a manually operated Hydraulic shop press. It has 2 upright columns crossed by a cap piece housing the hydraulic ram, and by an adjustable platform on which the workpiece rests. The press is capible of exerting 30Tons of force, and has a dial gage reading out the force as you pump up the hydraulic ram. The hydraulic ram is equipped with a handwheel driven jackscrew, allowing ~5" of adjustment in the ram position.

tool dangers

Warning: The listed dangers here are not exhaustive: it is your responsibility to assess each operation you perform at the Ironworking Station to determine any safety risks it may present, and take appropriate steps to mitigate those risks.

  • pinch points
    • If any body part in the mechanism, or between the tool and a workpiece they can get crushed or nipped off.
    • Always ensure that NO ONE has body parts near the ram of the press while operating.
    • Do NOT use your hands to hold a part stable while pressing
  • flying metal
    • The press uses hydraulics to generate EXTEMELY high forces. The ram or baseplates of thetool and the workpieces may fracture sending metal fragments airborn.
    • Workpieces may deform and deflect violently out of the machine

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Required
    • Safety glasses
    • close toed shoes
  • Recommended
    • gloves
    • long pants
    • long sleeved shirt

Prohibited operations

  • Working on hardened materials
    • hardened materials can shatter
  • working on sealed containers with liquid or gas contents
    • Deformation of the container can put the contents under pressure
  • Working on pressure vessels
    • Deformation can cause the pressure vessel to fail

Note: Operations not explicitly prohibited in this document may be performed at the user’s risk. It is recommended that the user contact the area host or tool owner prior to performing unusual operations with the tool in order to get feedback on the proposed operation.


maintenance page


This tool requires authorization for use

Jet 30 Ton Press training document: File:Jet30TonPressTrainingDocument.pdf

Currently Authorized Users

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Tucker Tomlinson Danger Committee