Johnson Bandsaw maintenance

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The Johnson Bandsaw needs little regular maintenance.

  • The blade should be assessed at each use to determine if it is still serviceable.
  • The feed regulating piston should be refilled with hydraulic oil if it leaks enough to prevent the saw from holding in the 'up' position.
  • The automatic-shutoff-lever should be checked to ensure that the saw trips off after each cut, and adjusted if the saw does not trip off.
  • On a yearly basis, the gearbox oil should be drained and replaced
    • 80w90 gear oil
    • Loosen 2 screws on the left edge of right top cover.
    • Remove top 2 screws on the right side.
    • Loosen bottom 2 screws on the right side cover.
    • Slide top cover towards the center of the saw.
    • Pivot the right cover down. Remove drive belt.
    • Remove gearbox step pulley.
    • Remove 3 bolts holding the gearbox. These are near the ring gear teeth.
    • Remove the gearbox out the top of the saw between the two transverse brackets (long shaft comes out last).
    • Drain/fill bolt is on the side opposite the pinion gear.
    • Consider replacing the gaskets on the gearbox.
  • on a monthly basis, the pivot bar should be re-greased
    • 2 Zerk fittings.
    • Use grease gun.
    • One of the fittings is clogged and not taking grease. We should try a higher pressure gun or replace the fitting.

jan 2018: re-seated needle valve & replaced oil return hose/fittings to stop leaks. Piston should maintain oil level better now.

Johnson Bandsaw maintenance log table

Blade Check Piston fluid level check grease pivot gearbox oil change date completed person completing
monthly monthly monthly yearly
x x aug3 2017 tucker/Miriam
x x sept 7 2017 tucker/Miriam
x x oct5 2017 tucker
x x Nov 9 2017 tucker
x x Jan 11 2018 tucker/Zlatan
x x Feb, 8 2018 tucker/Zlatan
x x x Feb, 8 2018 tucker/Daniel