Kitchen host budget and ceiling build out costs

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Brittany Zimmerman & Michael Skilton


Aug 30, 2013 - Proposed
Aug 30, 2013 - Forwarded to the membership for perusal
Sep 10, 2013 - Planned vote date


To provide the kitchen host with an area budget for the rest of this year.
To purchase materials for the installation of an acoustic drop ceiling, associated electric and other kitchen area electric as noted.


Kitchen host budget:

Pumping Station: One will make available a onetime budget of $475 to the kitchen area host.
This is the average host budget for four months. These funds are to be made available, spent and accounted for a manner consistent with the other area hosts.

Kitchen ceiling and lighting:

Pumping Station: One will make available a budget of $1225 to whomever purchases and installs materials for the kitchen ceiling, lighting and electrical for the lighting, electrical for beer church, oven and the two burner induction cooktop.

Any savings from the purchase of discounted materials shall be made available to the kitchen host for use in a manner consistent with an area host budget.

The kitchen ceiling and lighting spending authority will expire sixty days from the date of the vote.

It is intended that the kitchen area host oversee this process.

The kitchen area host must be notified in advance and immediately following any purchases. Receipts or other documentation must be provided to the kitchen area host prior to reimbursement.

A full accounting of all money spent is to be posted by the kitchen area host to the membership list within ninety days from the date of the vote.


Yea: 28 Nay: 1 Present: 3

Motion PASSES.