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We're having a barbecue Monday, May 25, 2009 for Memorial Day Weekend. We're hoping plenty of you are off of work or available that day. We'll be doing it potluck style: bring something to contribute if you want to eat and drink, please. We need: meat, veggie-related stuff, chips, buns, soda, fruit, beer, ice, ice chests, desserts, paper plates, napkins, utensils, etc. Festivities start at ten a.m. and go all day! It's a twenty-four hour space, guys! Yay! Add yourself and your bringings to the list below, please.

Who's bringing what:

  • Teddie is bringing a 5 lb coil of polish sausage.
  • Eli is bringing ribs, paper plates, green river to bribe Jim with.
  • Nathan is bringing encased meats.
  • Tim is bringing bacon and cheese rolls and brownies.
  • Shannon is bringing cucumber/walnut salad
  • Zane is bringing a few pounds of beef, some peppered chicken, and some bread.
  • nicky is bringing beer. (as much as she can carry, probably 24 or 30 bottles.)
  • John Albert is bringing beer and maybe some snacky-type foodstuffs
  • Evan Farrar is bringing beer and hot links
  • Todd will likely be bringing a cooler and ice
  • Camo is bringing a deep fryer and chicken wings
  • Devin is bringing three gallons of homemade ice cream
  • Josh is bringing ribs, guinness, kool-aid things, and any jameson that doesn't go into making ribs.
  • Stacie is making and bringing banana cake with cream cheese frosting and spinach dip and chips