Matter and Form 3D Scanner

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Matter and Form 3D Scanner
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Make/Model Matter and Form 3D Scanner
Arrival Date ??
Usability Yes
Contact CNC Area Host
Where CNC Shop
Authorization Needed No
Hackable no
Estimated Value $500
Host Area CNC

Matter and Form 3D Scanner Area: CNC


The Matter and Form 3D Scanner is a $500, medium-resolution 3D scanner with a motorized platform to turn the object. It uses the same kind of scanning as a Microsoft Kinnect, it looks like, maybe? First-generation "affordable" home 3D scanners mostly all suck, and this sucks a bit less than most, but it still is not exactly awesome.

Works best with curved solid shapes with texture.


I think these things have a ways to go before they are very useful. The calibration card or box that shipped with the scanner is missing. There's a DIY version that I made that I'll leave with it, that seems to work. Very slow.


Available at and you have to register your email but they don't seem to validate it against anything, I just used my PS1 email. Available for Mac or Windows.

How to use

Software almost self-explanatory. Connects by USB, you will have to calibrate before scanning.