Meeting Notes 2012-06-19

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Begin: 08:02 pm


Discuss general layout for areas and make decisions on where each area belongs in the new space.




  • Patrick introduced the board
  • Sacha announced that he has purchased ice cream to sell @ $1 each in order to help recoup the money stolen from Chez PS:One
  • Patrick had the new people introduce themselves
  • Rhys updated us on the Internet
    • We have decided to go with a wireless internet provider
    • Presently, a tree is limiting bandwidth and latency
    • We will be putting up a taller mast to improve our connection.
    • The WIFI is up.
  • Rhys will be setting up a wall to list "friends of PS:One" (individuals and companies that have donated to the space).
  • Sacha announced that he was part of a round-table of government agents at the Open Source Summit so that they are aware of us and not concerned with the fact that we are interested in setting up a DIY Biology/Chemistry lab in PS:One. He will be arranging a meeting where the Chicago representatives will come out and introduce themselves to the membership.

Meeting End: 08:28 pm