Meeting Notes 2012-06-26

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Begin: XX:XX pm


Report on how the Power Wheels thing at the Kansas City Maker Faire went.

Volunteers needed to collect the vacuum former?

Noise complaint.

Update on Evanston Maker Faire?

Swap your bad keys with Steve.


Some classes are starting up again. No welding class until the AC in the Big Workshop is working.

Jessica White is in the Raw Arts show at the Double Door on June 28th. Everyone should go!


There were several new people, including at least one architect, and a guy who was lamenting the lack of a table saw in his life.

Shawn will arrange for dumpster from Waste Management unless another company has a better price and/or shorter contract. He will also check into recycling services.

A truck must be rented in order to get the vaccum former. The donor may also give us a large Delta table saw.

There are a lot of makers signed up for Maker Faire, but Steve would like to get many more.

RFID key card system has been ordered for the doors.

Dan got a really nifty saw for the space that cuts through metal and a bunch of other hard-to-saw things. Talk to Dan about getting certified to use it.

Jordan is reorganizing the electronics workshop. Volunteers will be needed to participate in component-sorting day, date tbd.

Lindsay called a meeting after the meeting to organized the art/craft/textile area. Another group got started removing moldy wall paneling in the downstairs office room.

Meeting End: XX:XX pm