Mitsui Surface Grinder

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Mitsui Surface Grinder
Owner/Loaner Dean Anderson
Serial Number {{{serial}}}
Make/Model Mitsui 250MH
Arrival Date Late 2016
Usability no
Contact Dean Anderson
Where Removed
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value ~$3000

Mitsui Surface Grinder Dean Anderson Area: Not Assigned

Removed by owner

Repair and Setup

All repair needs to be coordinated with the area host.

Motor bearings were replaced, to great success. Ball ways and table are installed. Test grinds are showing good repeatability. A grit and light parts catcher is installed on the left hand side.

  1. Remove saddle
    1. Clean ways and check turcite for damage.
    2. Replace way wipers.
    3. Fix y-axis oil lines.
    4. Reinspect/regrind table and chuck.
  2. Clean Z ways.
  3. Replace Z way pleated covers.
  4. Install VFD.
  5. Develop an authorization plan.
  6. Set up dust collection.


Current Status

The small electromagnetic sine chuck was mounted and ground in to less than a tenth on 2017-03-12.

Further Diagnosis

After initial repair, diagnosis of further issues will come via a test grind.

  1. The table may need to be ground in.
  2. A mag chuck will need to be ground in and swept with an indicator.
  3. Five block test can be used as a rough diagnosis.


Table Removal

The table needs to be removed periodically to clean the grinding grit from the ways.

The table is heavy. We need a system for lifting the table off of the saddle. The engine hoist doesn't work well. Perhaps a ceiling supported crane would work.

  1. Remove the nut at the end of the cable on the right side under the table. Fasten a weight to the end of the cable to prevent the cable from unwinding on the capstan.

Moving the grinder

Never move the grinder without coordinating with Dean, the owner.

The two table ball cages need to be removed anytime the grinder is moved. This is necessary to prevent the races from Brinelling. To remove the ball cages, disconnect the X axis cable at each end of the table then prop up the ends of the table.