Muffle Box Furnace

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Muffle Box Furnace
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number 110591
Make/Model Lindberg 51333 Hevi-Duty Furnace
Arrival Date ?
Usability yes
Contact Michael Skilton
Where Removed
Authorization Needed no
Hackable no
Estimated Value $2,500
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Muffle Box Furnace Area: {{{hostarea}}}


Plug in to turn on, set the temperature to set the temperature. The furnace is able to get up to 1500C/2700F.

You probably shouldn't put things in the furnace that have any potential to spill or damage the fire bricks.


It'd be nice if the furnace was on a cart with casters instead of a furniture dolly. Welded square tube with a shelf for the controller would be fine.


The switches and power indicator light on the front panel are not connected. Unplug the unit before opening the door. There are no safety interlocks on the door and there are exposed conductors in the chamber which could potentially be lethal.