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When and Where?

Every Saturday. It should appear on our handy-dandy calendar of events. We usually meet in the electronics area upstairs unless another group is meeting there.

3519 N. Elston Chicago, IL 60618

Please RSVP here: [1]

What is this?

This is an open learning environment for new programmers, run by new programmers (hence the 'Programmers' in the name instead of 'Programming'). We are language agnostic. Please bring a laptop and we will try to help each other with projects and tutorials. If you don't know what to work on, we will give you a suggestion from our resources page on the PS: One wiki.

For experienced programmers: you are welcome too! Please keep in mind the focus of this meetup will be on beginners.

More about Office Hours: This is a flipped "office hours" where you can learn from your peers. In flipped classrooms students watch lectures and read material outside the classroom then work on things in person. This isn't a formal class, but the idea is similar. Many people who attend are there to help.

If you prefer to work on things on your own, that is okay too! If someone asks for help, let them know that you are working on something and not available for help at the moment.

If you don't already have something to work on or study, look through the resources below.

We are also open to focusing on testing and code review; anything that will help with learning programming:)

What to bring?

  • An interest in learning programming
  • A laptop: We have wifi at the space, but we don't have extra laptops floating around. If you have trouble bringing a laptop, talk to us before the event and we could try to find one but we need to know beforehand (preferably a few days).

Learning Resources

Newbie Programmers' Resources

Ongoing Projects List

Ongoing Newbie Programmers' Projects

Other Links

Newbie Programmers' Office Hours/Organizing