Orientation Program Policy Vote

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This motion was proposed on May 8, 2013

  This motion passed on May 14, 2013

Ryan Pierce


May 8, 2013 - Proposed May 14, 2013 - Passed


1. Remove the words "Policies for joining procedures may be set by vote of the Board of Directors" from the end of the Eligibility for Membership at Any Tier paragraph of the Bylaws such that it will read:

"In order to be a member of Pumping Station: One, a person must support the purpose and specific goals of the organization. A member must also provide government-issued photo identification to at least two members of the board of directors at the time of payment of the first membership fee, and provide an electronic mail address for receiving official notice of members' meetings. Any person who does meet these requirements is eligible for membership in Pumping Station: One, as long as that person pays the monthly membership fee, as determined by the board of directors, for their chosen class of membership."

2. The Membership adopts the policy that every new member must participate in a reasonable orientation program within a reasonable period of time. The Board shall establish the orientation program. Such program must allow for flexible scheduling.


Yea: 15 Nay: 6 Present: 7