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Python Office Hours


  • check calendar to see if the meeting place can/should be moved (e.g. to lounge2.0, electronics lab, etc)
  • Keep an eye on the number of RSVPs at ChicagoPythonistas Meetups and PS:One Meetups. This will give you an idea of how many people will show up. We haven't overloaded the space yet, but we've come close a couple of times. It is a bridge we might have to cross.
  • Write the wiki url on the whiteboard, and the info for the irc channel. also an arrow pointing to the ceiling for people to find the wifi password.
  • make sure we have enough waivers.
  • move tables around, perhaps.
  • be sure to understand the Python Office Hours/Code of Conduct
  • check for python-related events happening soon


  • if handy, have a computer to project an etherpad or something like that during office hours for pasting notes and urls. it can go with introductions
  • say hello and introduce yourself as the host. explain the goal of the event. introduce people to the code of conduct and provide a url.
  • maybe ask what people are interested in and get people to raise their hands if they can answer questions/have questions. I should write down an agenda because I get tongue tied sometimes in a big crowd!
  • make sure new people sign waivers
  • give a tour to new folks some time during the event (if you can)
  • make sure to keep an ear and eye out for doorbells because we get people coming in starting a little before the event to during.
  • every now and then look around to see how everyone is doing. If anyone looks stuck, you might ask them to see what they are working on and whether they have questions. If anyone is causing a problem (this rarely happens! maybe only once!), ask them gently to leave and let me or someone else on the board know about it.)

Here are suggestions based on recommendations from Asheesh talking about a larger project night. We could borrow some of these ideas.

  • Asheesh suggests a welcome speech, but people tend to trickle in so there is no good time to do a welcoming speech before. Maybe his idea could be adapted as a 3 minute announcement right before a tour? I'm not sure how useful it is? I kindof like the idea, especially for new people who show up since they don't always have a starting point. Here is an idea for an opening speech: When the event begins, stand up at the front and say: "Welcome! I'm NAME. Thanks for coming. The goal of the event is that people meet each other and/or work on projects related to Python that are interesting to them. We have a wiki (point to url written on wall) with suggestions for tutorials if you need pointers. We have a chatroom (point to wiki url) where people can chat, paste urls to pastebins, etc. If you are new, don't forget to sign a waiver. We will have a tour later tonight for new people."
  • Be available for random questions about the event during the event.
  • Optional: Take photos so that afterward, you can remember how amazingly great the event was. (but ask permission first)
  • Optional: Ask people what they're working on, and if they're willing to give a talk about it (at ps1 we have 300 Seconds of fame, ChiPY has monthly talks, etc.).