Sears Scroll Saw

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Sears Scroll Saw
Sears scroll saw small.jpg
Owner/Loaner removed
Serial Number RFW11
Make/Model Sears/Craftsman 137.216160
Arrival Date April 2009
Usability yes
Contact Dan Meyer
Where Removed
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $100

Sears Scroll Saw removed Area: Not Assigned

== replaced by scroll saw-- Ryobi ==

Authorized Proctors

This tool requires authorization for use by an authorized proctor. Please contact one of the following to arrange authorization.

Proctor Contact
Eric Beauchamp — area host eric @
Ralph Brendler
Paul VanLake
Michelle DeLeon


List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Keon Turner Trained By Ron Olson
Adam Flynn Danger Committee
Julie Moffitt Danger Committee
Sacha De'Angeli Danger Committee
Eric Michaud Danger Committee
Dan Davis Bodeiaver? Danger Committee
Tim Saylor Danger Committee
Zane Bowers Danger Committee
Teddie Goldenberg Seth D. Slis?
Nicolle Nevlist Seth D. Slis?
Jeff Kantarek Eric Michaud
Chris Luiz Eric Michaud
Avner Shanan Chris Luiz
David Mole Tim Saylor
Sarah Sutherlin Jeff Kantarek
Jeannette Thraen Sarah Sutherlin
Jasna Delic Sarah Sutherlin
Nathan Witt ?
Tom Ketola Nathan Witt
Geoffrey Topham Nathan Witt
John Stoner Nathan Witt
Ryan Lanham Nathan Witt
Brian Cordanvier Nathan Witt
Jim Burke Nathan Witt
Anne Petersen Nathan Witt
Cory Knapp Nathan Witt
Joshua Rothhaas Shawn Blaszak
Jay Hopkins Shawn Blaszak
Jordan Bunker Nathan Witt
Constomtin Gowileson? Nathan Witt
Alek Shnayder Nathan Witt
John Dorfman Nathan Witt
Jakub Klimuszko Sacha De'Angeli
Adrianna McKinley ?
Nathan Witt Adrianna McKinley
Bryer Le? Eric Michaud
Matt Bran Shawn Blaszak
Nick Ferrari Tim Saylor
Chris Fanning Shawn Blaszak
Mike Warot Adrianna McKinley
Gabriel Rosenhouse Adrianna McKinley
Malerie Kaplan Tim Saylor
Tucker Tomlinson Shawn Blaszak
Joseph Prosninitz Adrianna McKinley
Steve Farkas Adrianna McKinley
Ryan Pierce Adrianna McKinley
Michael Reddy Tim Saylor
Matt Triano Tim Saylor
Derek Bever Tim Saylor
Dan Willmott Tim Saylor
Tyler DeAngelo Tim Saylor
Michael Skilton Tim Saylor
Kathy Whisler Adrianna McKinley
Janet Dornhoff Matt Triano
Hilary Lee Matt Triano
Will Rante Matt Triano
Henry Behel Matt Triano
Alan Livshin Matt Triano
Michelle Garcia Matt Triano
Daylan Dufelmeier Matt Triano
Michael Maloney Matt Triano
Ian Cochran Matt Triano
Bryan Gleason Matt Triano
Sloan Lavery Matt Triano
Trey Keifer Matt Triano
Juan Robles Matt Triano
Simon Cygielski Matt Triano
Tom Forajter Matt Triano
Robert Grossman Matt Triano
Lucas Morris Matt Triano
Sergio Preston Matt Triano
Casey Olson Matt Triano
David Fell Ron Olson
Dubi Kaufmann Ron Olson
Patrick Grider Ron Olson
John Farmer Ron Olson
Sam Paris Ron Olson
Frances Ritchie Ron Olson
Ben Kern Ron Olson
Eric Yu Ron Olson
Karol Slowikowski Ron Olson
Chris Smith Ron Olson
Benjamin Miller Ron Olson
Laurel Garrett Matt Triano
Rei Kevin Matt Triano
Aji Slater Matt Triano
John Beyer Matt Triano
Brad Topol Matt Triano
Shae Kurko Matt Triano
Hunter Koerner Eric Beauchamp
Kurt Ziegel Eric Beauchamp
Simon Pyle Eric Beauchamp
Connor Jansen Eric Beauchamp
Ananda Stevens Eric Beauchamp
Erik Wessing Eric Beauchamp
Mark Stevens Eric Beauchamp
Sam Paris Eric Beauchamp
Anthony Phelps Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Kyle Bieneman Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Jim Baker Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Marcin Ignasiak Eric Beauchamp
Niko Hawley Eric Beauchamp
Kevin Mitchell Eric Beauchamp
Adam Moffatt Eric Beauchamp 10/22/2015
Glenn Trussell Eric Beauchamp 11/05/2015
Aaron Carlock Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Patrick Lynch Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Mike Forkan Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Alvaro Caceres Eric Beauchamp 12/03/2015
Kevin Schwartzenberg Eric Beauchamp 12/03/2015
Kelly Steensma Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Dan (Mike) Arwine Eric Beauchamp 11/19/2015
Erik Funkhouser Ron Olson 11/01/2015
Andrew Dalesandro Eric Beauchamp 1/14/16
Saul Weiner Eric Beauchamp 1/14/16
Brandon Love Eric Beauchamp 1/28/16
Christopher Carson Eric Beauchamp 2/25/16
Jared K Andy L 3/03/16
Keith Couture Eric Beauchamp 3/10/16
Nick Puglisi Eric Beauchamp 4/21/16
Joseph Juhnke Eric Beauchamp 6/20/16
Donald Wells Andy Larkin 8/4/16
McTavish McArdle Andy Larkin 2016-08-04
Ashley Borg Andy Larkin 4/3/17
Sam Chen Andy Larkin
Abel Greenwald Andy Larkin
Luis Colmenares Ralph
Andrew Vaughan Andy Larkin 2017-04-25
Jim Handley Ralph Brendler 5/13/17
Zack Sasnow Paul Van Lake 8/3/17
James Marco Ralph Brendler 10/5/17
Karl Healy Ralph Brendler 11/2/17
Jeremie Davis Ralph Brendler 11/16/17
Nathan Witt Ralph Brendler 11/30/2017
Corey Toyama Ralph Brendler 11/30/2017
Wally Ibrahim Ralph Brendler 11/30/17
Ross Hanchett Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Michael Donovan Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Aaron Vander Bee Ralph Brandler 1/11/18
Ben Farmer Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Bradford Smith Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Bryan Pennington Ralph Brendler 1/25/18
Dan Mach Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Bruce Mace Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Ricardo Staudt Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Bill Schroeder Ralph Brendler 4/5/18
Aaron Hale Ralph Brendler 7/26/18
Jim Lund Paul Van Lake 12/7/18