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SHOPMON!!!! This in a 2020 initiative to show graphically and textually where and when humans have been sensed in the building.

go to for a graphical map of whats going on this second (actually every few seconds)

“LOOK, someone is in Small metals"! (hey, its all anonymous, it just counts moving warm bodies)


PS1 ShopMon What is this? This is a map showing real-time activity on both the first and second floors of Pumping Station: One, Chicago's oldest and largest hackerspace. It uses PIR sensors to detect activity, places the information on an MQTT bus for other applications, such as this website, to read from it.

Code All the code is available on Pumping Station: One's GitHub page.

More details?

If you want to be more "on demand" (oh you demanding sort!) just issue a "!area all" command in Slack for a rundown on how recently we've sensed movement in over 20 sensors in areas of the building or "!area <xxxx>" for a report on that area. Shopbotmon.jpg

Thank you to Ron and the team.

PS we’re already looking at expansions like "which 3D printers are in use right now?" But don't count on us checking the toilet paper supply for you