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PS:1 Slack

There is a PS:1 Slack channel at

Look for the latest slack invite link in the Slack Access Mega Thread in Discourse. Do not share invite links with non-members. The invite link is in Discourse because only members are able to access Discourse.

Slack has user guides at their Help Center.

Slack has largely replaced IRC for realtime informal space communication, if you'd like to get on it ask around the space and someone will send you an invite!

Slack has an excellent mobile interface, and is often used as a team communication tool when participants rely on a mobile device. There is a web interface and there are OS-specific clients.

Be nice to each other, use things to do good deeds. Communicate early and often.

Fun stuff:

Slack Administration

  • PS1 is not charged for this service. We currently use the free plan.
  • The slack is running on Slack's servers and does not depend or rely on any PS1 resources. Slack maintains a status page at and communicates status from their twitter account, @SlackStatus. As long as Slack services are running, it is available whether or not the PS1 internet service, security certificate, DNS servers or any other systems are functioning.


The old URL at is not supported.