Slot Forge

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Slot Forge
File:"IMAGENAME.JPG" (case sensitive, this is whatever you named the image when you uploaded it)
Owner/Loaner "PS:One"
Make/Model Mifco F-526
Arrival Date May 2018
Usability "yes"
Contact Hot Metals area host
Where Removed
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable "no"
Estimated Value ?
Host Area Hot Metals

Slot Forge "PS:One" Area: Hot Metals


A certification process is still being worked out, very close to completed. If you want to help with that check in with the hotmetals area host.


  • Eye protection required
  • Flammable Gas
  • Burns
  • It's loud
  • you might want a respirator



  • Clean up, vacuum up debris that has fallen out of the exhaust duct. It's plastic-ee and smells horrid and very unhealthy when it burns.
  • Stack pile-O-bricks around the slot to suit your work. The entire slot must be covered.
  • Make sure there is nothing flammable on the top of the forge.

Start up

  • Turn on the exhaust fan with the timer switch on the wall.
  • Open the valve on the tank.
  • Open the slot forge valve on the manifold on the wall.
  • Press the start button on the front of the forge.

Shut Down

  • Press the stop button on the front of the forge.
  • Close the slot forge valve on the manifold on the wall.
  • Close the valve on the tank.
  • Leave an indicator that the area is hot.

This tool requires certification for use.