Spot Welder

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Spot Welder
IMG 5992.jpeg
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Make/Model 45690
Arrival Date 3/25/20
Usability yes
Contact Ron Olson
Where Hot Metals
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $200
Host Area Hot Metals

Spot Welder Area: Hot Metals


Light duty joining of thin metals by resistance welding.


Item Description
Electrical input

110 volts

Rated output 1.5 KVA@50% Duty Cycle
Capacity 1/8 mild steel
Tong length 6 inches
Dimensions 13" x 6" x 4.5"
weight 23.5 Lbs.


This is a "by feel" kind of a tool, Harbor freight says it all regarding precision.
Test your weld for strength, there is a chart in the manual for weld times, spacing and pressure.
I've been happy up 3/16 aluminum.
If you want to make different tongs or tips, I think that would be awesome.
I haven't tried copper yet, think it might weld to the tongs.

This tool requires authorization for use.

Manual |}