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help find new and better guides

I'd like to get some curricula and project guides for these topics.

  • web development
  • robots
  • raspberry pi
  • open data / civic hacking.
  • games
  • open science
  • teaching

I'd like help evaluating things I've found.

Improve interactive tutorials section

Check how stale the list is and whether there are some nicer tools these days.

Recurse Center Social Rules

The list of social rules from (go here for full descriptions)

  • No feigning surprise
  • No well-actually's
  • No back-seat driving
  • No subtle -isms

setting up development environments

We should have consider having a section with information on setting up a python development environment.

refactor the wiki page

This post by EW is interesting and maybe I'll restructure the page based on it.

project ideas