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Giving a tour? You'll need to cover a few basic points.

  • PS1 is a volunteer-run organization, no one gets paid to be here
  • We are the physical manifestation of the open source movement.
  • Why hackerspace? There is no reason anyone needs to create or needs an excuse to do it. It doesn't matter what you make as long as you're making something.
  • See something that needs fixing? This is a physical wiki - go fix it (and tell someone).
    • There is no staff here, so you must clean up after yourself.
  • Our primary rule: Be Excellent To Each Other
    • can also be asked to leave the organization for not respecting people, equipment, or facilities
  • We have two membership levels:
    • “starving hacker” members ($40/mo)
      • 24 hour access to the space
      • ability to be certified on tools
    • full members ($70/mo)
      • fully contributing members of the community
      • have voting rights
      • get everything starving hackers get, plus storage space (lockers and/or shelves), discounts on classes, events, and merchandise
  • We have a tool labeling system (Authorization Required = you must be certified to use this tool, DNH = do not hack this). See the Equipment Wiki page for more info.
  • We have three google groups:
    • Public: anyone can join
    • Private: members-only - members MUST join
    • Directors: any member may join - this is a way to get further into the guts of how things work at PS1

Interested in learning more? The PS1 orientation class is a great way to learn more about how things actually work here. Look for it on the Events page at

Printed Form

Nice looking printed form: File:PS1TourChecklist.doc. On 11/9/2103, we are currently working on getting a couple laminated versions of this document upstairs on the table in-between crafts and electronics.