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Hello! I'm Danny, a resident of Forest Park and (as of September 2016) a member at PS:One.

I grew up on a 40' sailboat, traveled up to Alaska and across the Pacific to Australia in my younger years, and became a ship's Engineer, 1st Mate, and eventually Captain.

I like learning new tricks, meeting positive people, and creating things (in that order).

I get paid to build things, organize things, teach things, and supervise people being awesome.

I spend money unicycling, CNC machine building/using, flying helicopters (full-size), drone building, RC boat building (sail and power), playing with our poodle-mutt Charlie, SCUBA diving, and watching movies. I also appear to enjoy learning via Youtube and forums...although it can be painfully slow sometimes.

Also, I love answering questions and interacting with folks at PS1, so if you see me in the shop (I can sometimes be a bit tunnel-vision prone) feel free to say hello!

If you care to see what I've been up to, feel free to visit my blog at: