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Hi, I'm Dee. I joined PS:One on October 2, 2012.



Things I know well enough I'm willing to teach. Contact me if you'd like to discuss:

  • Wikis — I was a Wikipedia admin, and have spent a lot of time with Mediawiki.
  • Knots and rope/cordage/line
    I work with knots and line from many disciplines: Sailing knots, climbing knots, arborist techniques, securing loads during transport, surgeon sutures, crocheting/knitting/net-making, kinky knots, fishing line knots, wire rope assemblies used in marine and crane applications, etc etc.
  • Perl
  • Un*x shell scripting — My day job involves doing production support work on Solaris, AIX, and RHEL machines. I use KSH, Bash, and Perl quite a bit.


Projects I've [mostly] completed:

Projects I'm working on:

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