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stuff related to the Johnson Bandsaw use & authoriation


notes on use


things that should be done to turn the machine off, & which should be done inversely, in reverse, when cleaning up after a job

  • plug the plug in
  • disengage the emergency stop on the control panel
  • set the desired speed
  • engage the main control lever


things to check when clamping stock / notes on their use

  • if the stock is short enough such that the movable jaw cocks when placed against it, the jaw should be shimmed
  • if the movable jaw can be moved by hand, it's disengaged from the clamping screw; make sure the engagement lever is facing away from the operator, to engage the jaw with the screw
    • hold the movable jaw tight against the work
    • engage the jaw with the screw
    • tighten the vice with the clamping wheel
  • rehearse the whole descent by hand, unpowered & without stock in the vice, to make sure the movable blade guide won't crash into the movable jaw

descent control

notes on controlling descent resistance

  • prefer the hydraulic cylinder to the movable weight
  • lock the jaw much wider than the stock to cut when powering on the motor, so you have lots of time to find a good descent speed before the blade engages
  • do not overtighten the cylinder valve control knob, in either direction

authorization checklist

things the authorizee should be doing when they run the machine

  • plug it in
  • work holding
    • gauge stock width
      • shim vice if too short
    • rehearse descent to ensure clearance
      • exposed blade width should be as short as possible
    • lock saw open
    • clamp stock
      • hand-tighten
      • engage with screw
      • fully tighten with wheel
      • check work is secured by trying to wiggle it by hand
  • pre-cut parameters
    • disengage emergency stop
    • select desired speed
      • determine with blade pitch, material
  • take cut
    • do not lubricate
      • engage main control lever
        • make sure blade speed is correct
      • unlock saw
      • find proper descent speed
    • post-cut
      • disengage main control lever by hand
  • lock saw open
  • remove stock
    • unclamp with wheel
    • disengage movable jaw from screw
  • cleanup
    • brush excess chips off machine
    • put any left-over material in bucket
  • job end
    • unlock saw & let it close
    • turn off
      • engage emergency stop
      • make sure main control lever is disengaged
      • unplug machine
      • coil power cord around control panel