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plans for the scale square, adapted from starrett's plans for the full-sized version

i intend to try making 1/10-scale starrett no. 20 6" square

construction overview

a sketch of the steps i plan on taking in the square's manufacture

  1. machine square stock & blade blanks out of annealed a2
    • stock blanks to a bit above final dimension, to allow for sanding
      • include slit for blade
    • blade blanks to same thickness as stock blanks, with extra area for clamping milling to thickness
  2. harden blanks
    • clamp during hardening to minimize warp?
  3. hard-mill blade blanks to rough dimension
    • first to proper thickness, against parallel
    • then to proper area
      • need to be careful with work holding so it doesn't crack
    • to a bit above final dimension, to allow for sanding
  4. sand to final dimension, nice finish
    • glue to block to make them easier to manipulate?
      • means they should be sanded in groups
  5. fix blade into stock slit
    • adhesive? brazing?
  6. make storage container
    • stack of 1/8" masonite, for ease of construction?
    • actually try to replicate original boxes on shopbot?
      • will have trouble with scaling the hinges