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things that should be done in order to get the surface grinder up & running properly

bold items are things we'll need to buy or make; italicized items are things that are finished or in progress

prior to running at all

things that should be done before the spindle motor is run

evaluate subsystems

  • check that the oiling system is working properly
    • clean out the oil cup & replace it with the proper oil
  • check that the dust collector is drawing & filtering properly

clean machine

  • degrease, clean, & relubricate (following manual)
    • remove the table, and remove the mag chuck from the table surface
    • remove the hand wheels
  • clean the vertical & horizontal ways
  • clean out the dust collector cabinet & hose


  • wire a proper plug into the machine

prior to making any cuts

things that should be done before the first cut is made


  • follow the oiling guidelines in the in the manual

wheel preparation

  • make sure that we have good diamonds for our dressers
    • the ones we have seem like they might be a little dull
  • we need a wheel puller and some hubs
    • the wheel puller is so that we can swap out hub-mounted wheels
      • if we maintain the hub mounting, the wheels shouldn't need to be re-balanced
    • hubs with adjustable weights would make balancing much easier
      • we wouldn't need to drill out the wheels to balance them
      • we might be able to do without the wheel puller in that case, as we could non-destructively re-balance wheels any number of times

work cooling

table / mag chuck preparation

the table & mag chuck mating surfaces, as well as the mag chuck surface & rail, need to be ground before any other work is done

  • rough & fine wheels will need to be balanced & dressed
  • the table surface will need to be done first
  • then the mag chuck bottom
  • then the mag chuck top
  • then the mag chuck rail