Vote For Casting Equipment

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  • To pass a vote to get lost wax casting equipment and materials accessible to members of pumping station one.
  • It would be beneficial to jewelry making, custom part fabrication, physical art and probably some other fields to be able to cast custom metal parts.


Tom Judge



PS1 currently owns some equipment that would be useful for metal casting.

There are two additional machines required for the lost wax casting process.

Casting and investment table

  • [1]
    • Estimate ~ This machine is $777.78
    • + ~192.00 for shipping.

-Space needed --3'hx 1'wx 2'l

Wax Injector

  • [2]
    • New machine ~$425
    • This particular machine has free shipping

-Space needed --1'x1' table space

Additional Supplies Needed:

    • ~$40

5" Button base

4" Button base

2.5" Button base

5" flask

4" flask

2.5" Flask

  • [8]
    • 2 @ 5.25 ea = 10.50

Continual cost for casting. Propane

Rubber for molds

Plaster for investing

Total for materials and equipment: ~$

Total with 10% buffer: $1959.69


Equip PS:1 with tools and supplies necessary for metal casting.


Authorize the board to spend up to $1959.69 on equipment and materials for lost wax process metal casting.

The above linked items are examples of available (at the time of this writing) equipment to fill these roles, and are intended as a rough indicator of pricing and equipment configuration. Similar equipment may need to be located once this vote passes.