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  • Jason Araujo
  • Kathryn Born


  • Mailing List Announcement: 2018-04-12
  • Officially Proposed: 2018-04-10
  • To be Voted on: 2018-05-01
    • Yes: 37
    • No: 6
    • Present: 44
  • result: passed


Vote Summary: A Window MR Headset for PS:One - Virtual Reality for Education and Entertainment

Vote to purchase of a Lenovo Explorer Windows Mixed Reality headset (with controllers) for use by PS:One members, video game development workshops and during PS:One events

The headset would be used in the following scenarios:

Members could schedule and check out the headset for development projects and use* Headset would be the cornerstone of a free, 4-part educational workshop on VR/AR development in Spring/Summer 2018 and subsequent educational initiatives Headset would be used during special immersive experience events and at additional events held at PS:One

Cost: $1528

Link to product: [1]


History and Alternatives: This headset (and controllers) actually is the lower-cost alternative to the original longstanding desire to buy an HTC Vive for the space. The expense for the Vive included both a dedicated gaming PC, along with the headset - a total pricetag of approximately $2500. An additional alternative was to query the membership to source a unit for loan or used-equipment purchase (which did not bear fruit). The Windows MR unit, purchased new (with warranty), is ultimately much less expensive than a used Vive and gaming PC. The additional complexity involved with HTC Vive ownership included dismantling the system after each use in order to secure it from theft.


Comment via Google Group: If there isn't a computer already picked out to be used? There is also this laptop-headset bundle:

Response: It doesn't need a super gaming computer, but it does need a good graphics card and Windows 10; via -