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There are a bunch of welders, and they are hosted in the hot metals area.

How to Get Authorized

Each welder has it's own authorization process. See each piece of equipment's wiki page and refer to the "how to get authorized section' See the equipment list below.

Hot Metals has a more-or-less regularly scheduled office hours. Go to it. Check the events calendar for dates. To find the calendar, go to the PS1 web site and and click on the "events" tab.

The Hot Metals Area Host is pretty good about figuring out how to get you authorized for welding.

Hot Metals Area



This is an abbreviated list of welding equipment, but it hits the high points and covers the major welding capabilities:

There are two major flavors of welding:

  • TIG
  • MIG

You're going to start with MIG, and move on to TIG after getting some competency there. TIG can handle aluminum and stainless steel, MIG is good for steel.

Welding for Beginners