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This is the start of the Wiki Maintenance Group

Some ideas:


General Wiki guidelines and etiquette will go here

finding candidates for deletion

Candidates for deletion are pages that haven't been updated in a long time, are incomplete, abandoned. A question you may ask yourself: is the deletion improving clarity or wiki structure?

  • Some equipment pages may be candidates for deletion, but if there is valuable information in them consider making them historical pages.
  • If there is some information that would be useful or historical in a page consider moving that content to a more appropriate page or making the page historical.
  • Do not delete pages in user namespaces.

linking orphans

add redirects

  • create redirects to single tool pages based on terms you would search to find that tool.
    • If there is more than one tool redirect to a disambiguation page or a subsection that lists all those tools.

To add a redirect to an existing page (not another redirect) create a new page and add the following text

  • #REDIRECT [[the page you'd like to redirect to]]

change incorrect redirects

  • all redirects should go to a specific page. If a redirect is relevant to another page or equipment make sure that is redirects there.

deleting redirects

  • do no delete redirects in user namespaces
  • don't delete redirects unless the following are all true:
    • the redirect goes to another redirect or creates a loop or leads to a page or redirect that doesn't exist
    • and there are no pages linking to that redirect

locking pages

undeleting pages

commenting edits

  • when edits are made you should can use the signature button (second button to the right in the edit)--Rtystgeeke (talk) 16:54, 19 November 2016 (CST)
  • you can also type ~~~~ characters together to insert a timestamped signature when typing Skm (talk) 14:40, 3 December 2016 (CST)

creating your own user page

  • Log into the wiki
  • Typing into your browser
  • Click the create button in the upper right corner
  • Edit your page with your info, tools you know, things you want to learn, and any applicable categories
  • Users who are interested in wiki maintenance can edit their user page and add this text to their User page: [[Category:WikiGnomes]]
  • If you want to be fancy you can create a redirect by making a new page (with your name or nickname) as the page title and then type REDIRECT#User:(your user name)

Links to important pages

Tasks to do

  • develop strategy for determining orphan pages, and linking them. Lots of pages are categorized but not linked (any way to differentiate?)
  • Talk to Dave about including categories and special pages bar, or coming up with a better search in general
  • de-duplicating information
  • who can edit the wiki infrastructure? Toba, Hef, Daniel P, Doorman Dave
  • who wants to get access to edit the infrastructure? Ron O
  • remove pages for deletion
  • orphaned pages should exclude pages that are linked via categories
  • figure out if Special:Wantedcategories that do not have category: pages should be removed from the linking pages or created
  • fix Category:EquipmentPageErrorNoAreahost so that all equipment belongs to an area host or member
  • add Category:Retired_Equipment Equipment to equipment that has wiki pages but is deprecated for some reason
    • I'd like to create a new template very similar to the candidates marked for deletion that has a reason or link to a new machine
  • add Template:NeedsUpdate to pages with old, incorrect, or missing information
  • roll duplicated information into less pages

Ideas for improvement

  • email digest to google groups/area host a list of broken tools automatically based on broken tool list
  • correlate member pages to list of current members, tag their user page as such

Wiki Overhal


  • Rename wiki to not have a colon in {{SITENAME}}